Friday, August 15, 2008

Enjoying the Day!

We recently visited the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum, in Poughkeepsie. It has many "hands on activities" for kids, although I think that maybe this was Sarah & Ana's last visit there since now they are headed off to middle school in Sept.

Ana is trying to make the a bubble as big as her.

The museum is located near the Hudson River

It was a beautiful day to walk along the river.

Behind us is the old

Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge

It hasn't been used for many years now.


John Mulligan said...

Love the pictures Joyce - Great Post!

red said...

What the blog is for!

Thanks for sharing!

Loved it!

joyce said...

Thanks guys!!

and thank you for the finishing touches admin john, yes??

helenmary said...

love the pic of you and harry a look into the retirement years hehehe!! oh Harry! nice post. I have never been to that place but I know the bridge. looks like a fun outing.

joyce said...

He He I think you have been to this area. It is tight down the street from the Rip Van Winkle Apts. . you had a friend who lived there. And the park that is there is Warrious Park..

Are you remembering now???

helenmary said...

no! hehehe! is the apt in the slum area in poughkeepsie by the river? if so then it was Karen Stanten who lived there,hehehe! ahhh memories!

joyce said...

Yes the apt is by the river, they have cleaned up the area & it is very nice now.

Don't remember a Karen Stanton????