Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Baby Turns 12!!! 7.15.08

12 years old
one year old
Time goes by quickly..
Happy Birthday Sarah!!


John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Red said...

Happy B-DAY Sarah!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys in CO!

helenmary said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISH TO YOU Sarah!! I think I lost sight due to the fact my own was looming in two days! your 12 and I am as of today 51!!!!!!! um thats all I want to say on that matter hehehe!!! hope your day was fun, did daddy make you a cake?

joyce said...

Happy Birthday Helen!!!1

no harry cake for Sarah she requested an ice cream cake from Carvel. Andrea also loves ice cream cakes so HD is off the hook for baking.

swm said...

Happy late birthday Sarah. Also happy b-day to Helen and David.

helenmary said...

yumo! on the icecream cake! and thank you for the bday wishes!!!!