Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Montaulk - The End

Due to an unforeseen event (The McCauley children's mother was asked to take courses by her employer in NY), The South Florida McCauley's were forced to visit NY State for three weeks. We made the most of an unexpected situation and visited some new sights and some old sights. Big thanks to Joyce and Harry for entertaining us. Joyce and Harry invited as many family members as they could. It was nice to see Aunt Anne, Diane, David, Scott Mac, Andrea, David Jr, Michael,Robert, Sarah and Michael's friend. It was also nice to see David taking good care of my old truck which now has 246,000 miles. But David, please get that suspension support welded back on before you end up as road kill!

Montauk Point Lighthouse

The kiddie poos pose at a memorial for fishermen and sailors who lost their lives at sea.

The Amistad Revolt

Coastal defense fortification falls into the Atlantic.

Allie and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Or, is it Atlantic Ocean and the mighty Allie.
Cat on the beach.
Allie is usually brave, but she found the NY Atlantic a lot colder than the Florida Atlantic.
Allie and Billy counting down the days before they see Nicholas and Elizabeth.


Red said...

Nice pics but video is better, you should get a Flip...

John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures Scott!

gpe said...

Very cool... The old roomm mate (Dave) had a thing for lighthouses, he actually tried to visit ever light house in Florida at one time, I'll have to contact him and see if he accomplished his goal..

Somebody please buy a flippin FLIP and be sure to get Reds affiliate code!!!

I'd defenitely go with the Atlantic meets the mighty Allie b/c she has a hurricaines worth of energy!!

Anonymous said...

What other things did Dave, one of the "fellas" have a thing for?

Dont answer that, just tell us at the reunion, you are going to the reunion GPE arent you?

joyce said...

Scott, thank you for those kind words. we do our best to make people feel welcome here & we were so happy we were able to have you & the kids visit. it would have been great to have seen Alex but hopefully next trip we will. Hi Alex we missed you!!
love the pics, i 2nd that what Gary said...the mighty Allie virus the Atlantic ocean!
nice kids Scott!!