Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family History

Grandma's sister, (Aunt ) Anne
She was older than grandma,
#2 of the 4 girls
She lived in Lockport, NY

In this house
6469 Tonawanda Creek Rd
that she built with her husband (Uncie) Merle

Pictured together
Anne & Merle Broadbent
they didn't have any children of their own.


swm said...

Great pictures Joyce, I consider myself fortunate to have met Uncle Merle during a trip to Lockport with your Mom, Dad, David and Gary during the 70's. I also went to Lockport two other times and enjoyed them. The last time was with Scott Mac, Carlos and Mark. One night we went to a local watering hole near Lockport and the DJ announce that Clint Malarchuk of the Buffalo Sabers was in the bar. Mark and I being sports fans thought that was pretty neat. The next morning Mark and I read the sports pages of the local paper and Clint Malarchuk was waived by the Sabers. We got a laugh that Malarchuk was using his celebrity even after he was cut by the team.

PS - go to Google and type in Clint Malarchuk name and watch the you tube video of Malarchuk nearly dying after a skate slits his throat. I know Muggs likes gore. I have never watched it. I hate looking at blood splatter all over the place.

John Mulligan said...


I sure do love "Horror films"...and I do consider myself a half baked expert on the subject.

....but I would not say that I "like" looking at pictures or film of "real gore" "normal" person would.

I'm sure you know there is a difference between liking horror films and like that"gore".

and just wanted to clarify to anyone who reads this blog - I do not like that.

Please choose you words carefully Scott....They can be misinterpreted easily.

Your Buddy!

Red said...

The above forementioned is true:

"Muggs likes decapitation, amputation, castration, strangulation, exsanguination, public defecation, public urination, public vomiting or any combination of those three, leaving you in a decorticate or decerebrate position!!!"

As long as it is represented in a fictional manner that shows proper respect for the human condition or in some cases some actions mentioned herewith are acceptable or at least patially understood when the act is performed by a drunken clan member...

PS: Most medical terms mentioned above are true, as verified by DR. LAURA

PSS: As for skate blade almost sanguination of the hockey player, I can say I watched it... and other real gore stuff too!

PSSS: Great family history post JAD! Thanks.

joyce said...

It's amazing how you guys turn the family pics into blood, guts, & gorey stuff
well any way, Scott I enjoy your reminiscing of the days gone by. I myself liked it up in Buffalo area. It just is too far from family for me.

John i think we all know you enjoy a good horror flick/story, fictional of course. and not the real life stuff.

Chris you just keep stirring that wouldn't be the blog without you!!

gpe said...

Nice pics Joyce.. I too liked Uncle Merle, rorie the dog and even Charlie the pigeon (who was put out of his misery shortly after Uncle Merles passing by Tommy Hurrop).

You can tell two things from the picture of the house 1) Aunt Ann loved nature (see her flowers) and 2) they loved our Country (beatiful flag) even though I believe Uncle Merle actually fought in the French military during WW1.

There actually were grapes, cherries, pears, apples and even a mullberry tree that stained the paint on cars growing on the property... it really was nice up there. Thanks for sharing another nice memory SWM...

Muggs are you serious, really? I'd be more worried about the perception that you like beer just a little bit!!

helenmary said...

if it makes you guys feel better i think it is david who would look at the real stuff (gore) i'm his sister and i think i'm rigth! hehehe, so john you have nothing to worrie about when it comes to our thinking of you! when you look at our old pictures of any of our family you kinda think life back then was good,that house was a nice place to visit but i never wanted to live there hehe!like every other place the family males have been there are stories about lockport too! david can blog about those memories.

swm said...

To the Mulligan Clan, I am sorry if I insinuated that Muggs likes real gore. The focus of my post was to share happy memories of Uncle Merle's house and the Lockport area. As I mentioned I visited the Lockport area three times and considered myself lucky to have done so. I was able to meet Uncle Merle, ride on his farm tractor, explore his ten acres of property, meet the Harrops, and have many other happy memories.

PS - This is the way the blog should work. The blog can be a self correcting mechanism. Muggs felt he was harmed by my comments and rather than viciously attacking me like another clan member did. Muggs, promulgated his feelings to me via the blog. I, in turn, reread my comments and decided that an apology and explanation was in order. Hopefully, other clan members can learn from Muggs and I, especially the clan member that viciously attacked me. I want to thank Muggs for taking the high road.

helenmary said...

gpe you forgot about the bird watching and looking at the moon through the telescope at night,

John Mulligan said...

Thanks Scott.

Anonymous said...

nicely done Scott

gpe said...

I know hehe... actually seeing the pics and SWMs comments brought back a lot of memories.. too many for the comments section.

Joyce could probably spread a lot more light about the interest of Aunt Ann. I know she was into bird watching because I remember finding a bird watching book (guide to identifying all types of birds) binoculars and a small telescope in the house.

joyce said...

Helen I think David would draw the line at real life blood n guts. He came upon an accident on the sprane brook/cross river pkwy ramp two weeks ago right as the trooper was covering up the body of young woman who was killed. And He w saw her head twisted & it bothered him all day. John did you hear about that accident? The girls were from Hopewell on their way home ear;y in the am,one was killed the other was injured very badly.

nice going swm!!

helenmary said...

lets all agree to drop the gore stuff, maybe david doesn't like in in real life as like comming upon an accident, but I think on dvd, tape or internet he might have the +.@*s to look?hehehe all i know is i can't and won't and don't want the subject brought up any more. thank you and bye bye,hehehe