Thursday, June 12, 2008

" If you love someone, let them go free. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never yours ." ~ Unknown

Dear love, friend of mine
how fast time has slipped by
how memories go through my mind
I miss the fun and joy

Dear love, friend of mine
rest in Peace and relax
You are Loved more than most
both on Earth and Heaven above

Dear love, friend of mine
as I watch over your resting place
I hope and pray
that you will be waiting for the rest of us, some day

Dear love, friend of mine
you will be my strength
when I am weak and weary
old and gray, I will remember

Dear love, until tomorrow
continue to bring the sun on a cloudy day
and rainbows after the rain

Dear love, friend of mine
as time passes on
I will return, love is forever.....

On Friday June 6, 2008 Mark returned to me with Anne's Blessing. Thank you.....from the bottom of my Heart to the Heavens above. I Love You


John Mulligan said...

I don't know the whole story here....but its a very nice post and great picture CED.

CED said...

Thank you John! Long story - long history. Hopefully I can meet you and your family someday and I will tell you about the life Mark and I had. It is a Love Story. One that only he and I understood during his lifetime. Unfortunately not all love stories end up down the wedding aisle. Which is what happened to explain where I ended up going. Long story....

John Mulligan said...

That's cool...Hope to meet you someday and hear the story.

helenmary said...

very nice post cathy, love the poem!! and thank you for the photo. and now you have met john! hehehe

swm said...

Nice picture of a young Mark. Wearing that red hat makes him look like a longshoreman.