Saturday, May 17, 2008

Orlando Visit 05/08

The Espos South took off to see the mouse in Orlando last weekend. We also made a visit to Seaworld Orlando which was a first for us. We enjoyed seaworld but definitely need to go back to catch everything they have to offer. We saw dolphins, sting rays, sea lions, Shamu and Clydesdale horses (did not know it was Busch park!) but missed polar bears, sharks and a very large roller coaster.

We enjoyed our visit to the mouse house to. Elizabeth has been before but now that she's 3 she really got to enjoy it..seeing the castle...doing some kiddie rides and meeting some chick named cindy...


joyce said...

Gary, did you get soaked when you saw the shamu show?? we did.

I have a pic with Sarah & Cinderella. Cinderella hasn't aged at all!!

nice pics!

John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures Gary!

gpe said...

Nic and I had great seats to get soaked in...and then Nic chickened out and ran for higher ground just before the show started....I was (EDIT-unhappy-EDIT)!!

Cinderella looks like she needs a burger and a shake...IMO

Red said...

Beautiful stuff!

Glad to see all the clanspeople being active!

God bless the clan!