Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Jasmine, my first grandaughter is turning 4!!

Joey Jr. and Jasmine

Jasmine will be 4 years old on 6/4/08!!!

Below is a view of grand child #2!! hehehe!!

I'm told it's a boy! You guys feeling old yet!! Joey is 26, the clan expands!!! We have 3 great grandparents in the clan. My mom, Aunt Maureen and Uncle Owen.


helenmary said...

ops I better say low i made a big booboo,only my mom is a great grandma!!! well i hope i got you at least to laugh hehehe!!

joyce said...

Helen, Jasmine is very cute.

and yes I believe our mom is th only great grandma thus far.. although Phil & Lori have grandkids so aunt Maureen would be a great grandma as well???

John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine!

Congrats on #2 Joey!

gpe said...

Nice to see baby J on the Blog. We hope she can visit soon Nic and Elizabeth would love to see her again!

ps you can edit your post (click the little pencil by the comments link) or have your friendly neighborhood admin take care of it..

helenmary said...

thanks i NEEDED that gpe!! john thank you for fixing up my post i wish i could do that!!

John Mulligan said...

No problem Helen - I enjoy helping out.