Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Billy turns 3

Billy with his family.Little Billy listens to wisdom from Papa.
Little Billy enjoying his gift (Annie and Clarabelle) from the Thomas the Tank Engine collection.
Little Billy with his favorite female cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth helped Billy open his gift from cousin Matthew. Matthew gave Billy Lightning Mcqueen swimwear.


John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Billy!

Great Pictures Scott!

joyce said...

and now he's three!
happy birthday little billy!!
Scott you know your brother was also called little billy. is that why you call your son the same? ask my mom about the time little billy & mark killed the duck at the park. I can't remember what they did but the duck was a goner.

have you heard that story??

swm said...

I do remember that story. I will call him Little Billy until he overtakes my father in height. Once that happens I will refer to my father as Little Billy.

Red said...

Nice party!

Glad to see the SoFlo crew keepin it tight!