Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Espo's Have a Place!!

FYI !!!!

It took some doing but we found a place to stay, finally!!!
We'll be in Dillon,CO
Piney Point Chalet

We are a few min from the Rec Center in Silverthorne

Very close to the Super 8 Motel

And approximately a mile(or a little more than) from the McCauley compound.

Most of us have our plane tickets as well.

Now that is progress!!


John Mulligan said...

Sounds Good

- We should start a roll call - of who's where and when?

John Mulligan said...

John & Gwyn Mulligan

Best Western Ptarmigan Lodge

652 Lake Dillon Drive,
Dillon, Colorado, 80435

July 25 - 26 - 27

Will be in Colorado till the 31st

helenmary said...

wow! i have to say that place looks very very nice!!!!

joyce said...

who was playing with my post???

looks good!

John you'll be close to us.

jad 7/23-7/29
kathy m
diane e
david & family 7/23-727
GPE not sure of his dates yet

Brofy said...

The Chicago Caravan via Lincoln NE to join the NE McCauleys, with UB and Jeter in tow, will arrive on the 20th...yanks

Red said...


The McCauley Compound is on Bear Mtn. overlooking Silverthorne, 1 mi sw of the rec center.

KCM Sun 7-20 thru Sat 7-26
RED Mon 7-21 thru Sun 7-27
OPM/UB Sun 7-20 thru TBD

red said...

So it looks like about 49 people confirmed, counting CO families, and another 10-15 unaccounted for as of yet... making possible 60+ if they all were to come...

Not bad, not bad at all...

jad said...

what is that rating thing on each post? what are we supposed to do with it?

I think we'll have a good turn out. it will be fun!!

John Mulligan said...

the rating is new feature from bloogger...

jad said...

Where did it go??(the rating box)

John Mulligan said...

i guess...the "Blogger People" were testing it out...

a Marvel copyright attorney said...

Were the blogger people also responsible for the mini Batman pics on recent posts???

You know the Batman that had a striking resemblence to one of our most reveered Mulligans???????

bring back the BAT!!!!!!

Kim Comstock said...

Chris and I have our airline tickets and booked the Super 8.

Our dates: Wed 7/23 to Sun 7/27

joyce said...

i saw those little things. that was a batman???

like the new pic of the mountains. i feel like I'm already there!

John Mulligan said...

What we know....so far..

John & Gwyn Mulligan
Best Western Ptarmigan Lodge

July 25 - 26 - 27

Chris & Kim Comstock
Super 8

July 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27

Jane Mulligan
Super 8

July 24 - 25 - 26

The Espo's
Piney Point Chalet

Aunt Anne
Joyce & Family 7/23 - 7/29
Kathy & Family
Diane & Family
Helen & Family
David & Family - 7/23 - 727
Gary & Family - not sure of his dates yet

The McCauleys
The McCauley Compound

Uncle Bill - 7-20 thru TBD
Kyle McCauley & Family - 7/20 thru 7/26
Chris McCauley & Family - 7/21 thru 7/27
Owen McCauley & Family - 7-20 thru TBD
Scott McCauley & Family - Dates TBD

No info yet on -
Uncle Owen & Crew
Uncle Jimmy
The Callaghans

joyce said...

Uncle jimmy 7/22-7/31
The Callaghans 7/23-7/30