Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Old Picture(s) of the Day - 4/30/08

Liberty State Park - Ellis Island Trip - Pre Show Fun - 1989?

Havin a couple of beers for breakfast
Almost ready to get on the ferryThis post is connected to this post


joyce said...

the twin towers are in that pic, with Scott.

you have a part of history there.

nice pics!

but beer for breakfast, yuk!

the connoisseur said...

Are SWM and JA standing in a junkyard?

Oh, that must be Jersey...

I forgot, folks take good care of there cars back east...NOT!

Yer right JAD beer for b-fast is so collegial, nowadays its some fine VINO and ESCARGOT!!!

John Mulligan said...

That the old parking lot at Liberty State Park/Ellis island ferry

Due to weather and what not...automobiles tend to have a shorter life in the northeast.

Nuttin wrong with a beer for breakfast as long as its cold.

joyce said...

i didn't have the beer for breakfast experience when i was in college, instead i started drinking coffee.

such a sheltered life i had!!

the sooth seeker said...


What u mean HAD a sheltered life JAD???

Dont you mean have?

random thoughts said...

how can you not miss those towers...bastards!

What is that on SWM's forehead?

Coffee with a beer chaser almost as good for breakfast as a grand slam from Denny's!!

helenmary said...

thanks for the funny morning read you all!!!!!hehehe!