Monday, April 14, 2008


A West Highland Terrier
She loves to dig!
She'll be 13 in May of this year. For a senior she still has a lot of energy & spunk.
She is very good natured, lovable & loyal.
And a very good watch dog, that is until you pet her then she is your best friend for life.
That's our dog!


swm said...

I always liked Katie.

the poop scooper said...

the nice thing about little dogs is little scoops...

what does katie chase?
who is katies alpha?
what is the worse thing she ever did?

John Mulligan said...

Great Picture!

my allergies are kickin up

joyce said...

you can always tell when john has been at work here on the blog, everything looks better.

Katie loves to go around the yard sniffing & looking for something what i don't know. That is what she likes to do.

She is a great beggar of people food, she'll stare you down waiting for you to give in.. She is better than my vacuum for cleaning up the kitchen floor.

She barks at everything & anything which can be annoying. She has been known to not play well with other dogs at the dog park, she is very territorial.

Scott, why don't you have a dog, cat, bird or even fish for your kids??

helenmary said...

kattie is looking good!!