Monday, April 21, 2008

The Chicago Clan

Our favorite sculpture, there are 80 of these and there 8 ft tall
Mom and B

The Brothers

B with his DVD player

B and Brofy


Red said...

Holy snikeys the folks in Chi-Town aint so shy afterall!!!

Bout time!

Now lets hope the next post is before B&B graduate HS!!!!

joyce said...

the boys & farnez are looking good!! nice post kcm,

looking forward to more from chi-town.

those sculptures, is that modern art? not sure what i think BOUT TNEM??

John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures Kyle!

gpe said...


The crew is looking good.. I guess next pics will be from B's first Yanks - W Sox blood bath, nice!!!!

helenmary said...

thanks for the vitural visit with the family very nice picture post of mommy and her boys. the creepy legs all 80 are cool i would love to see them but i'm not going to chi-town any ttime soon!! so keep the pic comming