Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 1928

Today our dad would have been 80 years old! It's hard to imagine him at that age.
He was a great dad & would have been a wonderful grandfather.
I don't know why I don't have better pics of him, there must be nicer ones of him out there in Florida!
Oh well Miss you Dad!
Also 77..
early 70's
army days


red said...

God bless UJr and all the Espos.

gpe said...

Thanks Joyce!! I will be showing Nicholas Angelo (: this post later today... Good pics are hard to come by..

Happy Birthday Dad!

jad said...

Gary, you found the pic, i like that one.
maybe john can fix it.

Brofy said...

Wow, those are nice pictures!

gpe said...

Joyce as senior member of our tribe just what was Dad contemplating in that early 70s pic? Why his daughters wore elevator shoes?

jad said...

probably why did i have 7 kids?

joyce said...

i forgot to mention,
thank you john, these pics look great.
they weren't the best to work with but that is all i had.

gpe said...

Double thanks John for the restore on the pic of the three of us, amazing!!

John Mulligan said...


helenmary said...

those pics bring back such loving memories, i think he was thinking? did i pay for that box of fiddle faddel i let kathy eat while we walked around shop-rite? hehehe