Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Old Picture of the Day - 3/26/08

Cruising Mulligan's


joyce said...

what a nice pic john, keep em coming!!

curious red said...

just the facts:

cruise to where?


who there?

why so happy?

John Mulligan said...


Not sure...'84??

Mom - Dad - Kim - Me - Aunt Ann - Aunt Maureen - The Neighbors (Rosanne-Henry-her mom)

We were on a cruise!

helenmary said...

very nice and blessed for having that wonderful memory!!

gpe said...

very nice pic..

If I remember correctly it was Moms first trip on an airplane to get to Fla.. Mom am I right about this?

Why so happy you ask??? RUM!!!

jad said...

that wasn't her 1st ride on an airplane, i think she flew to Hawaii before this trip.