Tuesday, March 18, 2008

October 1960

This photo is old and has damage. I'm going to guess its Kathyann's baptism. Uncle John, Aunt Maureen, Uncle Phil.


John Mulligan said...

Well.....not gonna be able to do much...will try

swm said...

anything that your able to do is great. we take technology for granted. i have two cameras a digital camcorder, a video camcorder, back then having a camera was a luxury item.

joyce said...

looks good john,

that may be kathyanne, because Phil was born in 1961. They are all a year apart with the exception of Matt.

unless they r the Godparents?? of whoever that baby is?? back then only the godparents went to the church,(don't know why)

helenmary said...

cool is this a mystery????hehehe!! enjoying it all!