Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Baby Shower

Here they are the new parents to be. Just a few weeks to go before the newest little Mulligan arrives. The expected date of arrival is April 24Th but as we all know babies come when they are ready and that's that!

Boy Or Girl,???
They say they don't know what it is.
That's their story & they're sticking to it.

Look who we found... yes it is Owie, O, or Owen(he;ll answer to all of them)Mulligan. He came down from VT . He's very nice & i think he was a bit overwhelmed at the same time.

Remember "Aunt" Peggy??
She was there too,
She' the one in between Kathy & me

Randy & Jessica with the girls, They are moving g to Vermont as we speak. Randy bought a house & got a job up there as the town tax assessor.
Good Luck guys!!

The O's have it!

Moms & Sons..
It was very nice to see Aunt Peggy & Owie.
The shower was fun.
The baby to be got lots of great stuff.
How'd you spend your Sunday?


John Mulligan said...

Wow!..Great to see Owen Jr and Aunt Peggy.....Love the Pictures!

The campaign for more Uncle Owen pics said...

Great post!!!!

So did yous plug the blog with the long lost O????

Are they coming to the gig in Colo????

More UO pics!!! We want more Uncle O!!!!

Red said...


It is awesome to see Owen and Peggy... wow it has been so long.

Congrats Randy and Jessica!

We cant wait to see you!

Good post Joyce!

joyce said...

my sisters & i talked up the family reunion, they( UO, Owen Jr, & even peggy) wants to come. so hopefully they will. randy & Jessica too. UO does check out he blog now & then. Randy doesn't have Internet right now but will check it out as well & Owen Jr now knows about it.

if anyone wants randy's new address let me know & i will pass it on.

John Mulligan said...

I will take a new address please...

gpe said...

I'd email not post addresses etc...

Joyce this is quite the coupe de post! nice going!!

joyce said...

yes Mr admin, i think i know better than to post addresses. thank you very much.

i will e-mail it

we missed Aunt Jane & Gwen yesterday. Hope you feeling better AJ.

helenmary said...

babies here there and everywhere!! it's always nice to see any family event, the blog brings the current happings to our computers but only because someone takes the time to take the pictures i thank you for that, your post becomes our visit, looks like everyone is doing good and nice to see uncle owens family past and present, thanks for the post. I changed both their dipers and now randy will be changing dipers too????? RANDY if you need help call red scott owen,kyle,gpe n matt their doing it all!!