Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sarah Rides Again!!!

Meet Rusty, Sarah's lesson horse.
She has been riding him for a couple of months now.
He's big but very gentle.
Before him she was riding a pony.
ready to dismount after her lesson.

Some of the horses grazing in the field,
one must be cold he has a blanket

The Stables at Southern Dutchess Equestrian Center.

The video, Sarah has just started to canter.
She only begun cantering about 3 weeks ago. She likes it & is getting better each time.
Mom is not too sure
A canter is faster than a trot but not a full gallop(Thank God!)


John Mulligan said...

Wow ..Rusty is beautiful!

Great Pictures and Video!

Kim Comstock said...

Way to go, Sarah! You make it look easy.

gpe said...

I guess Sarah doesn't want to give up her "person of the week" title!!

Great going!!

Red said...

Great stuff Sarah!!!

But you cant be person of the week twice in a row, nice try! :(

Love the horse too! Great stuff!

helenmary said...

lucky girl!! love the horsie have fun!!

jad said...

That's my baby
she's always the person of the day with me & Andrea too!!