Friday, February 1, 2008

It's February Birthday Greetings!!

Happy Birthday all you February babies...

Nicholas,( our beloved Aunt Kathleen,) Uncle Owen & Elizabeth

anyone else????

also Happy Valentine's Day!
many of us will be spending it in sunny So. Florida!!


Red said...

Way to go Joyce! No need for admin help on this one, congrats!

How thoughtful to put up a pic of Mom, that pic brings back memories of the backyard, coffee aroma and many long conversations amongst the adults in Wapp Falls... thanks!

Andrea and Christopher were so young then... wow!

I know my Mom would be proud of all of us for keeping in touch and sharing our family moments, she would have loved bloggin!

I am sure she would want everyone in every family to share and participate too!!!!

John Mulligan said...

Happy Birthday Everybody!

joyce said...

Thank you Chris, your Mom was a big part of our life & I will never forget her.

Andrea was 2 1/2 & Christopher was 4 in that pic. This pic was taken right around her birthday in 1986(that is why I chose to post it)

And i agree she would have liked blogging(or blobbing as my mom calls it)

gpe said...

Very nice post, Joyce..

Happy Birthday to all feb babies!!

The blog is a unique way for us to keep the memories of Aunt Kathleen and all our loved ones alive. It also is a great way to pass them along to our children..that is priceless and shouldn't require any encouragement at all.

helenmary said...

thanks for the giggle joyce. AUNT KATHLEEN our other mom!!!boy did I love her she was the best!!!an yes she would be proud of her son's and pleased with women they chose for their wives and mothers of their children and thay are educated and they work, your mom had the heart of a 20yr old when she decided to go to school with 4 children she had BALLS!!!!no she will never be forgotten!!!