Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello All :)

Hi everyone! Casper here.. Just wanted to share with everyone a poem that i wrote today from a little story my mom told me this morning! Thought it'd be neat to write a poem about it so, i hope you enjoy =) Comment on what you think and hope everyone is good! And congrats jessica and randy with the new baby that's coming! P.S. GO GIANTS! 8o)

By Lauren Marrero

I’m sleeping, dreaming waiting for morning
As I wake to a noise
Footsteps in my bedroom?
But, Everyone’s asleep?
I close my eyes and lay back down
As I wake again to this noise
Footsteps in my bedroom?
Everyones still asleep
I lay back down and shake my head
Go back to sleep I say
Sleeping, Dreaming waiting for morning
Awaken by a feeling
I open my eyes and see a presence
Right above my bed
I do not speak I do not scream
For it is an angel
Watching over me
I close my eyes and smile to myself
And go back to sleep
Footsteps in my bedroom
Please don’t go away
I am safe now where I lay.
My brother mark who has passed
I know that it is you
You’re my guardian
My angel up above
The one I miss with all my love
The one that is watching over me
As I soundly sleep.


John Mulligan said...

Great poem Casper!

aunt joyce said...

nice lauren!!

helenmary said...

your moms right lauren uncle mark is around us all the time i have seen some of his work and i look forword to more. for reason best known to me and maybe grandma mark is a guardian angel in my life too. your poam brought tears to my eyes because i could hear your mother telling you that story and she beleaves it too!!

Red said...

Very good poem Lauren. Keep remembering your uncle. As time goes by these writings of yours will bring back all the happy memories of Mark.