Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another cold day in January.

On our recent foray into NY for the holidays, Billy and I venture out to Hempstead LI to visit the cradle of aviation Museum. Much to our surprise not only was the museum big, it was part of Mitchel Field which I never knew existed. Nassau coliseum and Hofstra University are built on Mitchel Field. Mitchel Field was a military base that was closed in 1961 and to this day some of the runways still exist. The last photo is an aerial photo of what remains of Mitchel Field. Obviously I did not take this photo. I maybe many things but plagiarist I am not. The photo was taken by Stephen Cohen whoever the hell he is. Click on the links for more info of the museum or abandoned airfields around the country. The museum primarily focus on Long Island's role in aviation which is impressive. They have over 20 aircraft in the museum built by many manufacturers that were based on Long Island the most famous being Grumman and Fairchild-Republic.


Billy eyeballing the Intruder.
The Tomcat
The Warthog.

Billy's second walking stick
Above photo of old NCO quarters.
Steven Cohen' Aerial Photo
Runway lower left and upper right of photo
Museum lower right-- checkerboard roof pattern
Nassau Coliseum center


John Mulligan said...

Great Post...Great Pictures Scott!

joyce said...

Wow Scott I bet Billy enjoyed that as much as you did. i myself like air planes. a couple of years ago we went to a similar museum in Connecticut with uncle Owen, i think it was The New England air plane or something like that . Any away Sarah flew one of those simulated aiplanes(for kids) & she thought t that was great./she had done a book report on Amelia Earhardt so that made it even more fun for her.
great post & pics!!
keep em coming

peek a boo said...

billy is the cutest looking lost kid i have ever seen!!!

gpe said...

Very cool pics. I love the kill tallies on the side of the plane...they even got one camel!!