Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome Weasel

Since I do not have administrative rights I can't make the Weasel the person of the week. I can do one thing and that is to welcome the Weasel to our blog. Here is a picture that may or may not be the Weasel. Maybe the Weasel can up load a picture of herself to the blog.


the weasel said...

um thats a mearkat<--- (spelling?) and im trans know what happens when you assume, you make an *** out of yourself, i am a thinker and at times a stinker, i mean only to stir up family concerns when it seems of the utmost importance to point out matters that make me go hum? such as the sheer joy of drink talk, drink drinking, drink glasses with drink in them beer wine you name it this family has no shame of showing off their drinking prowless.even photographing the bottles this is how it is on this the mulligan family blog me being a weasel just likes to point it out no harm is there, person of the week i'm flattered who do you know at ABC?

swm said...

Meerkats and Weasels are cousins. Just like you and I. But to make sure if you are the real deal some basic Mulligan family trivia will be coming your way. I don't mind guessing games ,but I can't stand interlopers!

gpe said...

Hmm, other than speaking in sentences that maybe borrowed from a fortune cookie or lifted from yoda the weasel has offered little to the clan community. Additionally most of us are proud of our clandom and not afraid to admit so publicly and welcome the use of first names, initials and longstanding nicknames. Finally "weasel" is not a registered clan nickname nor is it really worthy of official nickname recognition.

BTW what parts do you generally do most of your weaseling in, hmmm?

joyce said...

are we honoring"animals of the week" now??good grief people!!!

bring on the trivia admins!!

Red said...

"im transgender"???

A Mulligan tranny???

And I was tryin not to drink today... better make it a Jack Daniels... wine or beer won't do today...

Whats next a NAMBLA member in our MULLImidst???

Weezer needs to fess up!!!!!

On with the MULLIquiz!!!!!

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Mulligan said...

Welcome Weasel!

joyce said...

john, do you know who the weasel really is??

be careful who you welcome aroud here..