Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December is Upon Us....

December the last month of the year.

The month of the a few more birthdays & christmas trees.

Happy Birthday December Babies!!!

Kathy, Amy, Jason, Gwyneth, Diane, Rosemarie & Scott ( other 1/1 of Diane)

Now bring on the Christmas trees!!!
if there is a birthday I forgot to mention...well you know what to do. Tell me!!!


gpe said...

Ut oh, the pressures on!

Very nice tree Joyce!!

Happy Birthday to ALL December Babies!!!

Red said...

Beautiful tree Joyce!

Well done!

But why is the Angel not on top????

joyce said...

she's to big!!!

helenmary said...

since i won't be putting up a tree i will enjoy yours!! thank you for the festive post it brightened my day!!!!our cold spell lasted 1 day and the warmth is place to small!!!