Monday, November 12, 2007

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Cat in the model railroad section.

The Ferdinand Magellan was used by four U.S. Presidents.

The famed California Zephyr used to travel the Chicago to California corridor.

Another example of government waste. Why the f--- did NASA need their own locomotive? On the topic of government waste I'm sure the LA school system probably says why the F--- do we need the lone wolf.

Before the gold coast museum this property belong to the navy and housed Blimps until a hurricane tore apart the hangars.

that concrete structure is all that remains of the hangars.

The crew is getting tired.

Billy, walks the line.

Billy trips and then cries.

On the back of the Ferdinand Magellan.

Now that I posted I have to worry about the lone wolf's interlopers attacking me because I didn't post on the lone wolf's blog.

I petition GPE to give Muggs more power.


joyce said...

hey i;m here before John!!!

i love trains...looks like you all had fun & i bet the kids slept well that nite after all that.

And lone-wolf, don't worry so much what others think, be your own wolf!!(person)

loved the pics!!

the Lone Wolf said...

As an "overpaid" LA educator I applaud your efforts in helping to create fine upstanding citizens of the future by taking field trips like this and the "Coral Museum" one as well, see our memory is good...

But the lifelong educator in me will not allow your UNIRAMBLing government hating ideology filtrate through to your youngins... NASA clearly needed the train in order to:

"move spacecraft components and chemical fuels on the Space Center property."

Which was probbably on the plaque in front of the locomotive...

helenmary said...

that makes sence? nice pic of a wonder fl family outing, good job scott and to lone wolf there is plenty of other sites to see in wonderful south fl!!!!!

gpe said...

Good post, Scotty.. Mom, David and I rode the train from NY to Denver and got to ride in car with an observation deck after chi-town..nice memory.

The other family down here opted for a nice picnic and play day at our local county park...trees, picnic tables, playgrounds and ample trails and paths, but the genius's that run this backwards ass state decided to CLOSE THE PARKS, UN-BELIEVABLE!!!!

Close the parks, Brilliant!

joyce said...

Scott, i got mixed up , i thought you were the "lone wolf" . i now realize it's the other rambling McCauley.

What have you done to John?? Why hasn't he posted a comment her??

a concerned Muggizen said...

Gee, I wonder where our new admin is since his recess appointment?????

Here's a guess, on his blogg bloggin away ignoring his new responsibilities and family requests for service and fresh new posts...

or in Bermuda sippin rum runners laugh'n all the way to the bank... (talk about Mulliment waste eh big S)

or is he plotting another fradulent HIT on our true, honest, "velvet" adminRED...

The Mulliworld awaits his return...

AROD said...

Looks like a lot of fun.....muggs lacks the discipline to be an effective manager, when push comes to shove "little figurines of men" will beat out the day to day running of the vote for Red "lazyhill" go play with your men Muggs...yanks..

helenmary said...