Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HERE I AM!!!!!!

Me and Daddy

My First time in the pool, i LOVED IT!!!!!!

Daddy LOVES me!!!!


Me and my family <3


PEEK A BOO!!!! Me and my twin just hanging out :o)

I think i'm going to be a heartbreaker :o)

Me and my BIG BROTHER KANE!!!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy's favorite picture of me!!!


helenmary said...

Well little guy i've been wondering about you!!! I love all your pictures, but, if i have to pick one #10 is a winner, it is so cute!!! you keeping mommy and daddy tired and crankey? thats your job you know, that means they love you lots!!!you made them a nice little family! so keep up the good job and don't make us wait so long to see how your growing and doing,loved the blog post mommy??? daddy??? lauren??? or was it GRANDMA????

helenmary said...

never mind, of course it was aunt joyce! joyce! joyce! LOL the keeper!!

John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures!!

joyce said...

No , no, aunt Helen, aunt Joyce didn't post these pics of baby Anthony, Meagan did . She had trouble logging in(GARY!!!) so she used my log in. She did a great job & it is about time the world sees the east coast baby.

gpe said...

Adorable kid!! He has a nice smile...great post the commentary with each pic..

red said...

Matthew says "ahhhh he sooooo cute"

He is georgeous!