Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lake George, NY

We went to Six Flags Great Escape which years ago was called Story Town.

At Fort William Henry,
Sarah became a soldier in the kings army..
she was not amused.

Gary, Lauren & their kids were here for a visit last week.
This trip we took them north to Lake George.
The rest of theiir time was spent by Kathy's pool relaxing & enjoying our time together.
Ther are more pics to share but I think I will leave the rest for GPE.


John Mulligan said...

Great Pictures....

red said...

You all look great!!!

I love the bugs pic Joyce!

joyce said...

bugs bunny is my favorite toon character!

gpe said...

Amazingly the younger kids had no clue who the big bunny was ...nevermind the cat, bird or any other "toon characters!!