Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August Birthhdays!!!

Tomorrow is August first,
so here is a shout out to all the birthday people born in the hot dog days of august!!!
Starting with Grandma who had a birthday in Aug.(25th)
Happy Birthday to ....
Andrea Randy, Gladys, Kyle, Kristina(i think)Aunt Jane, Danny, Owen(Owie mulligan) & Lauren. If I left out anyone I appologize & let me know who you are.
Now I'm off to Colorado..see ya in a week!!!


John Mulligan said...

Great Picture!

helenmary said...

oh joyce, that picture looks great!! I brought that picture to NY, but i think it came from uncle jimmy, a long time ago, after mark passed away i went through all my pictures and i knew joyce or gary would put them out there for all of us to enjoy,Grandma,oh how i loved her so!!Thanks joyce.Look for more old pic to come, well when jopyce get back, from the wild, wild, west.ps, harrys having a party while joyce is gone,??????

Kim Comstock said...

Thank you Joyce so much for adding old photos of our family. I really enjoy seeing them. I don't have any photos of Grandma Mulligan and now I have 2. :)

Kim Comstock said...

I forgot to mention....Happy Birthday August babies!

red said...

Happy B-days!!!!

Nice Grandma pic Joyce. When I first saw that picture I felt a warm peaceful smile come over me. Then memories of her, too many to list here. We were so lucky to have had such an awesome Grandma!

Thanks Joyce.

gpe said...

Wow I guess we all had a pretty similar reaction....very good feeling seeing grandma on the blog.

Happy Birthday August babies...your only a notch below the super September babies!!!

Nice post Joyce! I will add some of the older photos (thanx Helen). I scanned several more when we were in NY. I will get them up so we can share some more warm memories and maybe a little history if our LURKERS would chime in...stay tuned.

helenmary said...

now i can say happy birthday!!!yesterday was july!!hehe

joyce said...

thank you guys/gals.. i like finding these old pics & sharing them with youyahoo.com@