Sunday, May 20, 2007

out drinkin...5/20/07

We had a great time at the party...

Congrats Andrea!
Happy Birthday Harry!
Bon Voyage Scott & Alex!


joyce said...

john, you are too much!! like your hat i hope you took it home with you.

Glad you were here,it was fun!

gpe said...

Nice Muggs!!

now here's a link I think you can use



Actually Scott maybe insulted that your toasting him with a lowly Budweiser!

I second Red next drinkin pic needs to be Jack or some other spirit I've yacked -or as Mark asked me one christmas morn "who'd you meet last night, ralppppph or Earllllll?- all over the place. That gives you lots to choose from!

helenmary said...

when the day is to bad, or too good have a long island ice tea and call me in the morning!!see we all can drink!! this anit no family on light weights!!!!