Sunday, May 6, 2007

The B& B Bros, Brenden and Brofy

Damn, I hate technolgy, how does this thing work!!!


gpe said...

Oh No Professor Howdy's Back and now he's posting pictures!!!!!!

Ok KCM you did it...I can here the Dora the explorer music playing right now!

Nice Bro-fee is looking quite handsome just like his brother, but what no pics of Jetes and Mom?

And all on the day the Yanks get Clemens I just hope he's ready to pitch relief!!!

Good Job Teddy K!!

John Mulligan said...

Welcome to the Blog...Great Pictures!

joyce said...

Fianlly pics of Brody!

I was begining to think youmade him up. He is very cute & Branden is getting sooobig. They grow quickly.

Finally pics of Brody...I was begining to think you made him up. He is sooo cute! And Brandon is very handsome as well.
Good Job Kyle!!

good job Kyle!!

helenmary said...

hi to kyle and boys two more cutties for us to enjoy!! put mommy on the blog we'd like to see her too!!! i have nothing to say about the baseball thing, you dads are nuts!!! with knitting and sewing ther is nothing but quiet blanket making try that with the boys, gary u'll still cry if the lines are not quite right, but you will be proud of your boy anyway hehe!!glad to see you dog, thats you and chris so far with the family pet on the blog.hello to john m i see you like the blog, we like your coments and you make us laugh and we like your pics keep em comming!!!

joyce said...

is the baby Brenden or Brandon?? i'm confused.

Kathy M said...

Kyle & Farnez you did a great job its so nice to share our lives so keep posting the pictures every time you post it gets easier and if i can do it anyone can after all i have dyslexia!!

Beth said...

Wow, they are soooo cute together. Please supply us with more.

Jane Mulligan said...

Ijust love the pictures Brody looks like a real doll ,Iam sure Brandon is keeping him busy ...You both are blessed with 2 beautiful boys ...Love to all of you Aunt Jane