Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Wedding Shots & Meagan's Baby Shower

Here are a few pics from Kim's wedding & the Baby Shower for Meagan. Don't we all clean up well? Harry made the cake for the shower & it was delicious. He is currently taking orders for cakes for any occaision...not really but maybe someday my husband will be the bakerman.
Bye for now
love, Joyce
PS Gary Aren't you proud of me? Except now I'm exhausted. This blog stuff is time consuming.


gpe said...

Well done Joyce and nice pics!!

Oh and Nicholas would like Harry to make his cake for his pre-school graduation at the end of May.


Kathy M said...

thats a good one gary because harry needs the practice on how to mail cakes.

Kathy M said...

nice pictures joyce good going if i can figure it out anyone can!!

red said...

Excellent pictures Joyce, thanks...

I must say, Harry's cake is INSANE!!!

Seriously, that thing is amazing!!

Joyce Harry has no business separting the dark and tans from killing each other...his calling is clear go for the bakery!!!

Laura and I will invest!!!!!

joyce said...

Would we have to move to Kaleeeforniaa!!

Colorado in '08