Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Mulligan Clan: Kim and Chris's Wedding

The Mulligan Clan: Kim and Chris's Wedding

Hellooooo...from the West Coast.

We had an awesome time with everyone at our wedding reception. My only wish is that I had more time to catch up with each of you. We are so grateful for the generous gifts that everyone gave us. It will help us tremendously with our new home! We moved into to our new house one week before the reception and have plenty to do. :)

We are coming back to NY for Christmas this year so I hope to make the rounds to spend a little more time with y'all.

We missed each one of you that couldn't make it. This blog is a great idea to communicate more often with our loved ones that are spread across the county. Once I figure out how to post pictures, I will add them to this post.



p.s. here's a link to pictures from the reception:


gpe said...

Kim & Chris,


I'm sorry we missed the reception from what I hear it was a very nice time for all.

As a consilation prize I will be back in your area this August so I we can catch up then and I can see the new house. Dates are in mid August so I'll keep you posted...

Adding pics is easy. Start a new post and place your mouse on last icon above text box, click it and you can add pics from your computer...


Kim Comstock said...

Hey Gary,

I'm looking forward to seeing you in August. You are totally welcome to crash again at my house. We have a little more space now.

Is there a way to add a ton of pictures? There are too many to just choose a few to share with everyone. I'm guessing that I would need to upload the pictures on webshots or picasa/ and add that link in a post.What do you think?

joyce said...

Hey kim,
Loved the wedding pics, there are some awesome shots, thanks for sharing ! we had a great time at your reception. i also have some photos from the party that i will post shortly.
so glad we can communicate on this blog thing

diane e said...

Hi kim and chris, how are the newylweds??, had a much needed great time at your wedding , loved seeing the photo's, keep them coming along with news or updates lvoe dianee