Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Family Reunion 2008!

I am puttting this out there for all who visit our blog. I think it's time to plan a family reunion. The Mulligan Clan is growing by leaps and bounds. So wouldn't it be awesome to plan a gathering where we can all be together and reconnect? The last time this was done was back in 1985 for Grandma's birthday. first lets get some feedback on the idea. All comments are welcome and let's put it to a vote.

Family reunion yes or no
Summer 2008
Florida or Colorado

Remember majority rules!

Also Gary needs updated e-mail addresses to get the word out to the rest of the family. Please help him out with this.
Thank you ,


red said...

Are you people crazy???

Colorado, Florida????

Think outside of the box, try something new...

Thats right CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!

At least that is what baby M______ __________r McCauley wants!!!!!!

joyce said...

OOOOOh! Does this mean the baby's name will begin with a"M" & end in a "R"?

No we are not crazy just practical...
Anyway since he is the youngest and the newest member of the family we will decide for him. There are more of us in Colorado and Florida than California.

My vote is for Colorado

Kathy M said...

I wouldnt mined California, we can go to disney world, and John Cal said lets all meet in Vegas baby, so he can drive Aunt Maureen, so Calif. not a bad idea either. kathy M

Joyce said...

Kathy forget California and Las Vegas....Keep it simple please!!

Kim Comstock said...

I know Chris McCauley won't like to hear this but I'm down for any destination. My Chris & I were talking about making plans for both CO and FL anyway. We might make it to CO this Labor Day and were thinking about FL for next year to visit all the family down there. Consider us in for any destination! :)

joyce said...

Thank God there is one level headed person in California.

I think CO would be fun. Florida is very hot & humid in the summer

Kathy M said...

who said it would be in the summer, now we have to start with a date and then a place, looks like it might take a year just to get some ideas!!

joyce said...

didn't you notice it says Summer of are not in school that time of year.
Gary Help!!