Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't forget about our blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where oh Where has everyone gone, haven't seen any new posts ?????
Dont forget about our blog soooo soon!!!
Chris or RED where are the newest pictures of BABY Matt????


helenmary said...

well i can tell you where i was,started the day off with breakfast with uncle jimmy, he picked me up, he was at gary's place first, gary showed him the blog page, he was impressed!! then he came by and picked me up for my free breakfast on him!! see if you move to florida and you have it rough you can rest asured you will eat once a week on uncle jimmy,you will be SOL when he is out of town!!!hehe. uncle bill, gary lauren kid and mom were there. after we stuffed ourselves myself, uncle bill, uncle jimmy and mom went to the penny arcade,i sit next to uncle bill or uncle jimmy cuz they will feed my machine if i'm good mom will even throw a buck my way,, see i have it made over the rest of you, hanging out with the retired relitives is not so bad if you get my drift!!! then i went to the mall with mom to get my nails done,now i'm home checking out the blog yeah i too was looking for pic of the new baby,boy uncle bill can teach his grand children some real good habbits, if you know what i mean!! if he can work those slot machines and he sure can, i told him he can work a COMPUTER!!! well hi to anyone who might been looking at our blog,that it from me for now, i will be looking for others, drop a view or two,bye bye

joyce said...

do you know how to write one or two word responses?

Kathy M said...

joyce now you know that helens love to talk your ear off so why would this blog be any different.

joyce said...

You gat a point!

Kathy M said...

thanks for the point joyce.