Friday, April 27, 2007

Congrats Meagan and Anthony!!

Its been a good month for babies!!

Unofficially Anthony Jr arrived at 1:15 am (I think its appropriate when they come in the middle of the night) Its like an official kick off to having your sleep interupted..

Mom and baby are doing well...

details will be provided by GRANDMA KATHY M!!!!

Anyhow I bet she's glad to have it out!!

OK one bonus pic.. It was "silly Sock" day for Nic on Wed. Hey Red will his colors get him shot at your school?

Best Wishes to the new parents from the South Fla Gang!!!


helenmary said...

let me second the congrats!! glad it aint me!!! been there done that x3 its a tuff job with no garentees!!! except that you dont know love untill you have a child!!gary never mind nics socks how about elizabeths nice clean sneakers! now thats what matters!! well was looking for a picture, don't see one so i'm leaving the blog for now,ps when your baby is 18 you kinda get sinacole about the children thing cuz you walked that walk, and you don't wanna go BACK, except to visit the darn cute things and look foward to leaving them to the parents,let me tell you your skipping o the door!!! hehe when i lost my boy nicholas to gary and lauren, that was it for me no more!!great aunt thanks meagan thanks a LOT!!

joyce said...

Congratulations to the marrero's Granny & gramps!!
The baby, Anthony Dale Jr. is beautiful. i can say this because I saw him & held him in the hospital today.
i am glad it's not me too. i am enjoying my 10 year old baby
meagan & Anthony enjoy the new life you have to share.
God Bless you,
Aunt Joyce!

red said...

Congrats Meagan and Anthony!!!!

We can't wait to see the baby pics of Anthony Jr.!!!!!!!

God Bless!

Laura, Chris and Matthew

John Mulligan said...